No BONES about it, this is our Halloweeniest Halloween episode yet! It’s got everything. A sex dungeon. Rickshaw tricks. Family drama. All the traditional Halloween trappings!

Fears & Fathoms is a joy to run and vey deserving of a place at your gaming table. The rules are easy to teach but not simple to the point of being dull/without meaningful choices. I can’t wait to read the weird west and spooky government agent rules that will be itchfunding November 1st! Head to https://curatrix-ribston.itch.io. for more information and follow @FearsandFathoms on Twitter…IF YOU DARE!!!

Of course, you can find us on your favorite podcatcher here:  or, if you prefer, Apple Podcasts. Or YouTube!

And another huge thanks to Charlie Davenport (@davenportauthor) for letting us churn his brilliance into paste for this year’s Halloween episodes. Click the following links to read/listen to “Life in Retail” and “The Witch In My Yard” for yourself! They’re wonderful and I hope they inspire you to seek out more of his stories.

Life in Retail: https://www.amazon.com/Tavistock-Galleria-Stories-Americas-Wasteland/dp/1792843968

The Witch In My Yard: NoSleep Podcast’s Halloween Bonus Episode 2021 – https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/

For more hot Charlie Davenport action, head to his Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Charlie-Davenport/e/B07LFPW8BK

If you want to support the Pod of Blunders and help ensure we can keep bringing you interviews and actual plays, please head to http://www.patreon.com/podofblunders to learn what your $1/$5/$10 pledge will get you. (Hint: access to our fantastically active discord, exclusive episodes of Jumping the Street Sharks, free games, etc.)

You can also support us by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. Reviews help us reach larger audiences so we can tell more people about the amazing indie games we play and the fantastic folks that create them.

Also, a special thanks to Rolemusic for our intro and outro tune taken from the track Pokimonkey! If you enjoy the tune, check out more of Rolemusic’s work here https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Rolemusic or learn about the artist here http://rolemusic.sawsquarenoise.com/

As always, if you have any questions or comments, let us know @podofblunders on Twitter or podofblunders@gmail.com. We truly love hearing from you!

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