Session Zero Questions

We just started our first long-term campaign for the podcast and part of the preparation for that was a fairly in-depth session zero. We knew a few details about the setting – it was a post-post apocalypse in which monsters from beyond space and time wiped out most sentient life on the planet several hundred […]

Mother Muck: Siege Turtle

Mother Muck was a castle-sized snapping turtle that dwelt in the swamps south of the stilt town of Badwater. When old age finally did what no soldier or ship could, the locals celebrated her passing with a feast for the ages. No longer would they fear her wandering through and carelessly razing the town, or […]


The ascomoid is, on the surface, a stupid monster. It’s essentially a leathery plant boulder that farts and smooshes things. As fun as that sentence was to write, it doesn’t describe the sort of monster most DMs like to put into their games. Okay, maybe I’m not doing the ascomoid justice with my brief description. […]

Dynastids (Beetle Folk)

Breeze-through-Bare-Branches’ small, red eyes burned from the smoke. The air of the courtyard was thick with incense that clouded the mind as well as the air. He wanted to close his eyes. To lie down where he stood and let sleep take him. But he knew that even a blink in this place would bring […]

Isopodians (Pillbug Folk)

“So that’s it, huh?” Jek squinted at the impossibly tall, impossibly delicate crystal tower that stabbed a mile or more into the sky from the planes below. “It’s just a big building, Davian. Pretty, though. I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, what are we having for lunch? Do we have any […]

1d10 Poisons

1. Anthera Root – ingested (DC 10) – When the root of the anthera tree is dried, pulverized, and mixed into any sweet drink or food, it is nearly undetectable. One dose is enough to put an average human into a trance state similar to what the elves experience instead of sleep. With two doses, […]

Melliferans (Bee-Folk)

Szz’an sat across from the elf, a cup of sweet wine in her hand and a bemused look on her insectoid face. “Wait,” she said, the word buzzing softly from her mouth. “Your how old?” The elf, Halian, smiled under his glass half-mask. “I am 344. No…346 years old. Does this surprise you?” Szz’an sat […]

Fixing the Drow

Buckle up- we’re talking about one of the most problematic things in all of Dungeons and Dragons: the drow. The drow have been a mainstay for D&D games since they were first introduced in 1977 in Against the Giants. These spider-worshipping evildoers are featured in every edition that has come out since despite their off-putting […]

H’dol Selanin – Hungry Shadows

Millenia before the wards failed, the monks who oversaw the frozen lotus told tales of horrifying creatures that would appear like shadows on the surface of the ice. Most believed these to be no more than cautionary tales to scare new adepts from getting too close to the ice. The oldest monks, those who spent […]