The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius

Author – B. Everett Dutton Where to Buy – I am reviewing a vampire-based adventure today so, per the rules and regulations governing the Hack Writers of America (of which I am a proud, card-carrying member), I am legally required to make the following “jokes”. The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius (Martial Cult) […]

Hearthside Chat with CTRL Group Podcast

I am SOOO hesitant to publish this episode because the CTRL Group folks are guaranteed to charm you and steal you away from us and, frankly, our egos can’t take that sort of hit. Hopefully there’ll be enough room in your heart for both our podcasts! Also, sorry if there’s any audio wonkiness. Zoom did […]

3 Baddies and a Baby

Hopefully last week’s Hearthside Chat whet your appetite for more fantastic Mr. Ray content because this week we’re playing his wonderfully goofy super villain RPG, 3 “Baddies and a Baby”! We had an absolute blast and I hope after listening to our tomfoolery, you’ll feel inspired to give this deserving indie designer a little love. […]

Cast Away

Publisher – The Afterthought Committee (@KingQyote) Where to Buy – I have always loved survival horror. I’m talking anything from mundane stuff like shipwrecks and plane crashes to more exotic things like zombie apocalypses and alien invasions. It all seems so exciting! Gone are the trappings of a broken society! Survivors persist based on […]