Facing the Titan: Part One

Hello folks! Thanks for coming back for another week of hot pod action. Does anyone read these things? Who knows! Anyway… This week we’re playing Nicolas “Gulix” Ronvel’s fantastic GMless game Facing the Titan. Grab a copy of this game on Nicolas’ itch.io page (https://gulix.itch.io/) and, if you’d like to hear more about the game […]

One Shot: Purplest Prose – Maiden Voyage

Aww yeah it’s that time of year again and your favorite boys are back with another romantic tale to give you that lovin’ feeling. This year we played Pammu’s (@TheDovetailor) “Purplest Prose”, which the author describes as “a game about coming together to write the trashiest romance stories you can think of!” I think we […]

The Date

Author – Will Lentz (@the_gamenomicon) Where to Buy – https://gamenomicon.itch.io/the-date or, while it’s available, you can buy this as part of the Solo But Not Alone #2 bundle here – https://itch.io/b/1227/solo-but-not-alone-2 Introducing romance in your TTRPG sessions is fraught with pitfalls. Is everyone onboard with listening to hot character-on-character action? How much description is too much? […]