Melankul – A History

For millennia, Melankul enjoyed a small population of barely 1,000 souls, including the few outside elves seeking respite from the desert heat. The desert elves were wholly unprepared for the failure of the wards that bound the Frozen Lotus of Laleiven, due in part to their magical regression as a species over the past thousand […]

Melankul – Census Info and Description

Not fifty years ago, Melankul was the carefully guarded jewel of the desert elves. Non-elf travelers were forbidden from approaching the city’s alabaster walls that contained within one of the wonders of the magical world – the Frozen Lotus of Laleiven. This 200’-wide lotus bud was encased in a clear block of pure ice that, […]

Gwarb…or Glarb?

I was working on a new monster stat block a few days ago and my five-year-old son asked if he could help. He’s really into reading my monster manuals/bestiaries to the point where he’ll forgo bedtime stories in exchange for a few monster stat blocks and a bit of lore, so I knew his expertise […]

The Dire Turkey

Does this look like the face of mercy to you? Those soulless black eyes. The dagger-sharp beak. The terrible snood! It’s almost more than the staunchest adventurer can stand. The ostrich-sized dire turkey is a fearsome beast that stalks rural farmsteads and quiet pastures throughout the land. Though their smaller cousins are unutterably stupid, these […]

1d10 Pirate Trinkets

A variety of odd items to find in the footlockers of salty dogs throughout your campaign. The scrimshawed tooth of a kraken. The blood-red carvings slowly change over time. A bit of sail cloth from the sailor’s first ship with a few strange, old coins tucked inside. An eyepatch with a bit of gore still stuck […]

Kickstarter Spotlight – Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland

Author – Brian Shutter Cover Artist – Mustafa Bekir/Diogo Nogueira Publisher – Super Savage Systems Link – One hand on the wheel of a hacked-together Cutlass Ciera, the other putting pressure on a sucking chest wound, you hammer the gas and fly down the rubble-littered freeway. Your passenger, a failed clone of Ronald Reagan, […]

1d10 Holidays & Celebrations

A sampling of different holidays and celebrations to serve as a jumping off point for adventure or to sprinkle into your game for a little added flavor.  1. Wyvern Nights – A misnomer of sorts, Wyvern Nights take place over three consecutive days and nights. Over that time, hawk-sized crimson wyverns migrate along the coast in […]

Pillow of Smothering

Similar to its larger cousin, the Rug of Smothering, the Pillow of Smothering is a construct animated with the intent to restrain and/or kill their victims silently. Pillows of Smothering are created from a pillow upon which a humanoid has suffered and died, whether by force or by natural means. This pillow is then subjected […]