Knave: The Dungeon of Dereleth the Real Asshole (Part Two)

Come listen to Richard, Ryan, and special guest CJ as they play through the conclusion of Nate’s totally unfair murder dungeon using Ben Milton’s “Knave”. Will Richard’s luck turn around? Will Alligator Dick finally get what’s coming to him? Will the heroes find a way to save the puppies and kitties in time? There’s only […]

Knave: The Dungeon of Dereleth the Real Asshole (Part One)

Richard, Ryan, and special guest CJ play through Nate’s totally rigged murder dungeon using Ben Milton’s “Knave”. I hope you’re a fan of puns, stupid traps, and a lot of player deaths, because that’s what you’re getting.  For links to other podcatchers, head here: But what is Knave, you ask? Don’t worry, we reviewed […]

The Quiet Year (Part Two)

Nate, Richard, Ryan, and special guest Christine play through the last six months of The Quiet Year and…boy howdy did we earn our explicit tag on this one. We also get SUPER FRIGGEN WEIRD with it, and I mean more than usual. Which is honestly impressive given our usual game steez. Find links to other […]

The Quiet Year (Part One)

Nate, Richard, Ryan, and special guest Christine spend six months aboard the colony ship The Floating Ovum as they deal with your typical Quiet Year issues – insurrection, alien incursions, cannibalism, and a hot new soft drink sweeping the colony! Will they survive? Will the colony make Nebulon 7 a garden paradise? And what exactly […]

One Shot: i kissed mothman behind the arby’s

Oh yeah, you know that’s right baby. It’s the sexiest time of year and…wait what? Flag Day? Okay fine. It’s the second sexiest time of year, Valentine’s Day, and Richard and Nate are celebrating by playing the most sensuous game around, “i kissed mothman behind the arby’s”.  So grab your sweetie, pop open a bottle […]


Join Keeper Nate and Investigators Richard and Jenna for the nightmarish conclusion of Graham Walmsley’s Trail of Cthulhu Adventure “The Dance in the Blood”. It’s got madness, monsters, and macabre mythos mysteries. Also, this scenario is brought to you by the letter M. If you want to purchase this adventure for yourself, head on over […]

Lost in the Deep – Actual Play Fiction

Day 187 – It has been over six months since we arrived at Mothruum Nogaak, the Mother Mountain. Now I, Rastrelig Bluntpike, son of Hemdath and Hetraegar, am the last survivor of our band. For weeks it was just Nerimora Ironcoat and I, having been the only two separated from the company when that damned […]

Village Witch – Actual Play Journal

24th of Longnight, In the 645th Year of the Fifth Cycle (Y5C)  I am scared and cold and seriously questioning my life choices up to this point. Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself before I get to that, right? My name is Linden Greenbough. I am a witch. Alright, let’s get this out of […]