One Shot: Monster of the Week

Nate stepped aside this episode to let a true master of the craft show off his skills. $2 Creature Feature’s (@2DollarCreature) own Keeper of Mysteries, Mr. Ray (@Mr_Ray_rpg), treated our cast to a tale of horror, adventure, and corn soup.  You can grab copies of this adventure and many more amazing creations on Mr. Ray’s […]

One Shot: Lucha Libram!

I made a game! This game! Listen to us play my game! I think this episode captured the ridiculousness of Lucha Libram! perfectly well and I hope it is as fun listening to it as it was recording it. If you want to snag a copy of this game for yourself, you can do so […]

Facing the Titan: Part Two

Welcome back, Blunderinos! Blunderdogs? Blunderkind? One of those, I’m sure. Moving on!! This week we’re wrapping up our actual play of Nicolas “Gulix” Ronvel’s “Facing the Titan”. Grab a copy of this game on Nicolas’ page ( and, if you’d like to hear more about the game from the man himself, listen to our […]