Dynastids (Beetle Folk)

Breeze-through-Bare-Branches’ small, red eyes burned from the smoke. The air of the courtyard was thick with incense that clouded the mind as well as the air. He wanted to close his eyes. To lie down where he stood and let sleep take him. But he knew that even a blink in this place would bring […]

Isopodians (Pillbug Folk)

“So that’s it, huh?” Jek squinted at the impossibly tall, impossibly delicate crystal tower that stabbed a mile or more into the sky from the planes below. “It’s just a big building, Davian. Pretty, though. I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, what are we having for lunch? Do we have any […]

Melliferans (Bee-Folk)

Szz’an sat across from the elf, a cup of sweet wine in her hand and a bemused look on her insectoid face. “Wait,” she said, the word buzzing softly from her mouth. “Your how old?” The elf, Halian, smiled under his glass half-mask. “I am 344. No…346 years old. Does this surprise you?” Szz’an sat […]

Fixing the Drow

Buckle up- we’re talking about one of the most problematic things in all of Dungeons and Dragons: the drow. The drow have been a mainstay for D&D games since they were first introduced in 1977 in Against the Giants. These spider-worshipping evildoers are featured in every edition that has come out since despite their off-putting […]