The Inn Between: Designing Adventures with Magic: The Gathering Cards

So Magic: The Gathering recently put out a Dungeons & Dragons set so I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to try making adventures using booster packs. I wasn’t sure if it’d actually work, especially given the additional restrictions we put on ourselves but…SPOILERS…it worked great!  Oh, and if you want to look up the cards as […]

The Phylactery #1

Publisher: Planet X Games (@PlanetXGamesCo) Where to Buy: If Mörk Borg takes its inspiration from black metal, Planet X game’s OSR zine The Phylactery #1 (TP1) is 100% thrash metal to its core. As I type this I realize that comparison is probably only useful to a handful of you but…it’s too perfect. Sorry. […]

Avatar Legends: The RPG Quick Start

Publisher: Magpie Games (@MagpieOfficial) Where to Buy: I remember watching Avatar: The Last Airbender when it first came out and being just…blown away. A kids show telling stories with such pathos and humanity was something I hadn’t seen before. I mean, that seen with Uncle Iroh (you know the one) still makes me cry. […]