Knave: The Dungeon of Dereleth the Real Asshole (Part One)

Richard, Ryan, and special guest CJ play through Nate’s totally rigged murder dungeon using Ben Milton’s “Knave”. I hope you’re a fan of puns, stupid traps, and a lot of player deaths, because that’s what you’re getting.  For links to other podcatchers, head here: But what is Knave, you ask? Don’t worry, we reviewed […]


Author – Kai Poh (@tunkaipoh) Graphic Design/Layout – Elisha Rusli Where to Buy – There’s something special about an RPG that sets out to tell a very specific type of story and achieves that design goal in only a handful of pages. In many games I’ve read (but not reviewed on the blog), authors […]

The Quiet Year (Part Two)

Nate, Richard, Ryan, and special guest Christine play through the last six months of The Quiet Year and…boy howdy did we earn our explicit tag on this one. We also get SUPER FRIGGEN WEIRD with it, and I mean more than usual. Which is honestly impressive given our usual game steez. Find links to other […]

Feast of Legends

Author – Matt Keck, Tony Marin, & others Where to Buy – Ah, 2019. Remember 2019? Back when all our times were still precedented, an egg cream only cost a nickel, and you could stand in a crowded elevator with a bunch of strangers and not even think about the legion of germs being […]

Hearthside Chat with Game Designer Jordan Palmer

Nate sat down with Jordan Palmer to talk about his latest hilarious game on Kickstarter, Our God is Dead. Jordan is no stranger to successful Kickstarter campaigns and his most recent effort is already fully funded. We also discuss his overall game design ethos, if “fun” is always the goal of a good RPG, as […]