Hearthside Chat with Wythe Marschall, Designer of Stillfleet

Hello folks! I am very happy to bring you this chat with Wythe Marschall, author of the SPECTACULAR game “Stillfleet”. Though you get the quickstart rules right now, a Kickstarter for the core rules is scheduled to launch August 1st. If that date changes, I’ll let you know ASAP because I want Stillfleet to get […]

The Inn Between: Questlandia

Sad times, friends: we’ve reached the end of Questlandia Month! We let Matt and CJ out of their restraints for one more episode so we could review this lovely game provide an in-depth list of our favorite celebrity moustaches. Which of those did we put more effort into? You be the judge! Thanks for listening […]

Questlandia: Part Two

No, your eyes don’t deceive you – this is a nearly two-hour episode! I think this is the longest episode we’ve ever put out, and boy howdy is it a strange and wonderful one. Returning guests CJ and Matt join Rich and Nate for the exciting conclusion to our Questlandia actual play set in the […]

Questlandia: Part One

After interviewing Hannah Shaffer, we knew we had to play Turtlebun’s Questlandia (https://turtlebun.itch.io/questlandia). This episode has everything you need, provided what you need is a town built around drinking bug pee, social upheaval, questionable casting choices, and not a small amount of IMDB trivia. This first episode has all our world building and character creation, […]