The ascomoid is, on the surface, a stupid monster. It’s essentially a leathery plant boulder that farts and smooshes things. As fun as that sentence was to write, it doesn’t describe the sort of monster most DMs like to put into their games. Okay, maybe I’m not doing the ascomoid justice with my brief description. […]

H’dol Selanin – Hungry Shadows

Millenia before the wards failed, the monks who oversaw the frozen lotus told tales of horrifying creatures that would appear like shadows on the surface of the ice. Most believed these to be no more than cautionary tales to scare new adepts from getting too close to the ice. The oldest monks, those who spent […]

The Pierced Savant

CW: Self-Harm For most of the dwarves of the Underwarren, piercings are little more than a fashion statement or, at most, a means of displaying their wealth. There are a few dwarven shamans that take the practice of piercing far beyond what decent dwarves would ever dream of. These religious zealots pierce as much of […]

Gwarb…or Glarb?

I was working on a new monster stat block a few days ago and my five-year-old son asked if he could help. He’s really into reading my monster manuals/bestiaries to the point where he’ll forgo bedtime stories in exchange for a few monster stat blocks and a bit of lore, so I knew his expertise […]

The Dire Turkey

Does this look like the face of mercy to you? Those soulless black eyes. The dagger-sharp beak. The terrible snood! It’s almost more than the staunchest adventurer can stand. The ostrich-sized dire turkey is a fearsome beast that stalks rural farmsteads and quiet pastures throughout the land. Though their smaller cousins are unutterably stupid, these […]

Pillow of Smothering

Similar to its larger cousin, the Rug of Smothering, the Pillow of Smothering is a construct animated with the intent to restrain and/or kill their victims silently. Pillows of Smothering are created from a pillow upon which a humanoid has suffered and died, whether by force or by natural means. This pillow is then subjected […]