Session Zero Questions

We just started our first long-term campaign for the podcast and part of the preparation for that was a fairly in-depth session zero. We knew a few details about the setting – it was a post-post apocalypse in which monsters from beyond space and time wiped out most sentient life on the planet several hundred […]

1d10 Poisons

1. Anthera Root – ingested (DC 10) – When the root of the anthera tree is dried, pulverized, and mixed into any sweet drink or food, it is nearly undetectable. One dose is enough to put an average human into a trance state similar to what the elves experience instead of sleep. With two doses, […]

1d10 Pirate Trinkets

A variety of odd items to find in the footlockers of salty dogs throughout your campaign. The scrimshawed tooth of a kraken. The blood-red carvings slowly change over time. A bit of sail cloth from the sailor’s first ship with a few strange, old coins tucked inside. An eyepatch with a bit of gore still stuck […]

1d10 Holidays & Celebrations

A sampling of different holidays and celebrations to serve as a jumping off point for adventure or to sprinkle into your game for a little added flavor.  1. Wyvern Nights – A misnomer of sorts, Wyvern Nights take place over three consecutive days and nights. Over that time, hawk-sized crimson wyverns migrate along the coast in […]