Hearthside Chat with Cat McDonald of Peach Garden Games

Howdy folks! We sat with Cat to chat about this and that. Okay I promise never to to that again. Cat is an amazing asset to the TTRPG community, both as a designer and as a facilitator of the Solo But Not Alone charity bundles on itch.io.  As of today (1/30/22), Cat’s raised over $50,000 […]

Schisms & Sacrilege Actual Play

In addition to reviewing Schism & Sacrilege, we’ve played the game and written up our experience with it. I hope you enjoy it! Inception There’s a small, rocky valley that a group of humans settled out of desperation. Their green, verdant land turned sour over the course of decades and death and illness were all […]

The Tabula Initiative Actual Play

After reviewing Cloven Pine Games’ “The Tabula Initiative” a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get it to the table. It’s a great little game that’s easy to teach, easy to run, and, as I hope you’ll agree, lends itself to tell fun and engaging stories. The story we ended up telling is […]