Slasher Flick: Panic in P-Town! (Part Two)

Join the largest group to ever grace the Pod of Blunders as we wrap up our Slasher Flick adventure hosted by the one and only Eric Crumrine! Come listen as Eric, Nate, Rich, Patrick, Dan, Demi, Mel, and Corey see if any of our idiot characters can survive the Panic in P-Town! Our ad this […]

Jumping the Street Sharks: Episode One – Sharkbait

Richard and Nate have a JAWSOME time breaking down the first episode of the Painfully 90’s kids’ show, Street Sharks. Come meet the cast, learn some mid-90’s history, and learn the rules to a terribly dangerous drinking game! Though this episode is free to all, all future episodes of Jumping the Street Sharks will be […]