Rivals? In MY Superhero School?

Author – ThatAceGal (@ThatAceGal) Where to Buy – https://thatacegal.itch.io/rivals-in-my-superhero-school When I came up with the idea for “500 Word Reviews for $5.00 Games”, I toyed with only writing a word per penny a game cost me. I’m glad I canned that concept because I would already be well over the limit for “Rivals? In MY […]

The Inn Between – Happy End of 2020

IT’S (ALMOST) OVER! WOOOOO! Join Nate, Rich, Ryan, and special guest Christopher as we discuss the end of 2020 and what we’re looking forward to most in 2021. Positive thoughts, people! The finish line is in sight! Find links to other podcatchers on our Anchor.fm page.

Bust Blockers – Actual Play Blog

Day 1: Hi! I’m Andy Brown, and I’m the manager of your prime time, one-of-a-kind, cinematic hotspot, Bust Blockers! Well, Assistant Manager. But the actual manager quit, so I guess that makes me effectively the manager! (…Right?) This is Day One of my blog, and I’m here to tell you all about the non-stop excitement […]

H’dol Selanin – Hungry Shadows

Millenia before the wards failed, the monks who oversaw the frozen lotus told tales of horrifying creatures that would appear like shadows on the surface of the ice. Most believed these to be no more than cautionary tales to scare new adepts from getting too close to the ice. The oldest monks, those who spent […]

One Shot: Santa But…

Ho Ho Ho! Ryan, Nate, Liam, and Richard get possessed by the spirit of Christmas as they play the indie game “Santa But…” By Long Games. In this game, our players take on the role of Santa…but there’s something strange about each one that will make delivering presents all the more difficult. As always, we […]

The Pierced Savant

CW: Self-Harm For most of the dwarves of the Underwarren, piercings are little more than a fashion statement or, at most, a means of displaying their wealth. There are a few dwarven shamans that take the practice of piercing far beyond what decent dwarves would ever dream of. These religious zealots pierce as much of […]

Santa But…

Author – William Long Where to Buy – https://longgames.itch.io/santa-but Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Except for…three Santas, one made of ill-fitting off-brand Lego, one comprised of 17 sentient pigeons in a greasy human suit, and one that’s a basketball playing golden retriever. Okay, the poem […]

Melankul – Notable NPCs (1 of 2)

Melankul is an empty husk without her citizens breathing life into her every day. From the dark alleys of the Dry Pit to the soaring buttresses of the Old City, her people flit about their lives, some hoping to increase their power while others want nothing more than to survive for another day. Below are […]

One Shot: Sonja & Conan Vs. the Ninjas

Richard, Ryan, Nate, and Jenna try out an excellent indie game by Guillaume Jentey. Will Thugrem defeat the evil Kaurthek? Can Shelita Buffet stop the barbarian from rescuing his mother? Will there be a third question in this list to help inspire curiosity in our potential listeners? Listen to find out! Find links to other […]