All good things must come to an end, and our stretch of Heroes of Tara content is no different. Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad that Jake Duerksen is so incredibly generous with his time! Also, our editor/cohost Richard went a little nuts with one particular sound effect towards the end of this […]

Heroes of Tara (D&D 5E): Part One

Can’t get enough Heroes of Tara? We can’t, either! Lucky for us, Jake Duerksen, the creator of HoT, is incredibly generous with his time. Not only did Jake agree to a Hearthside Chat, he ran a great adventure for us, too! His Kickstarter will be live until August 1st, 2021 so go get everything you […]

Hearthside Chat with Adam Blumenau of Radmad RPGs

Game designer Adam Blumenau (@AdamBlumenau) stopped by to chat about his fantastic tarot-based RPG, Hesitation at the Gate. He’s an incredibly creative and thoughtful designer and I think that really comes through in this interview! I can’t wait to see what Adam comes up with next. Of course, you can find us on your favorite […]

Jumping the Street Sharks: Episode One – Sharkbait

Richard and Nate have a JAWSOME time breaking down the first episode of the Painfully 90’s kids’ show, Street Sharks. Come meet the cast, learn some mid-90’s history, and learn the rules to a terribly dangerous drinking game! Though this episode is free to all, all future episodes of Jumping the Street Sharks will be […]

Hearthside Chat with Nicholas Eliopoulos of Nor Cal Mythos

Nate sat down with Nicholas Eliopoulos to discuss Nor Cal Mythos’ (@NorCalMythos) current Kickstarter for LokDown. LokDown is an anime-inspired science fantasy game that can be used as an expansion for the Carbyne Jungle RPG or as a standalone game. Of course, you can find us on your favorite podcatcher here: https://anchor.fm/pod-of-blunders or, if you prefer, Apple Podcasts. […]