1d10 Poisons

1. Anthera Root – ingested (DC 10) – When the root of the anthera tree is dried, pulverized, and mixed into any sweet drink or food, it is nearly undetectable. One dose is enough to put an average human into a trance state similar to what the elves experience instead of sleep. With two doses, the trance lasts a full day and night. During this trance, the person is semi-aware of everything going on around them. Three doses cause the person to enter a permanent trance state.

2. Catpaw Extract – ingested (DC 16) – A powder made from the mummified feet of the temple cats of C’valna, catpaw extract is highly coveted by shamans for its ability to allow the user to enter the realm overseen by their deity. Exceedingly rare, this coveted drug is carefully guarded by the priests of C’valna and sold at a price few can afford.

3. Devildeal – ingested (DC 15) – The red (NOT THE white!) petals of the Divine Lily are steeped in a strong alcohol and mixed with the blood of a murderer to create a dose of Devildeal. When consumed, the user must honor the next bargain they make as if under the effect of the geas spell, though the effect only lasts a single day. They consumer of this potion knows they are under the effect for the duration.

4. Tracker’s Friend – contact & ingested – The liquid squeezed from a saucer-sized dulinar mushroom found deep in fey-touched forests is prized by rangers and bounty hunters. When fermented, the user can drink half a dose and apply the other half to an object or person. This will allow them to track the individual or thing by smell up to a mile away. This is often used on prisoners to prevent escapes. The smell is undetectable to people who have not consumed Tracker’s Friend.

5. Fiend’s Fang – injury (DC 12) – The Assassins of the White Compact are known for using the powdered teeth of demons and devils to carry out their assignments. The assassins will apply a bit of the powder to a needle and poke someone who is close to their intended victim. This afflicted person will then, for the next hour, do everything in their power to kill the next person they love most.

6. Scholar’s Gambit – contact (DC 14) – This thick ooze is a mix of a variety of chemicals and resins and is most often abused by mages and scholars. When applied to the eyes, users no longer need to eat, sleep, or drink for 4d4 hours, though this period of intense focus comes at a steep price. Unless they consume another dose and pass another DC 14 check, the user suffers a level of exhaustion for a number of days equal to the number of hours they spent under the effect of Scholar’s Gambit.

7. Sister’s Mercy – contact (DC 10) – The process necessary to create this herbal compress is a carefully guarded secret of the Sisters of the Easy Passage. When applied to the sick or dying, this compress removes all pain as well as the fear of death. Those under the influence of the compress have disadvantage on all death saving throws.

8. Fool’s Armor – inhaled (DC 12) – This thin, gold liquid is always warm to the touch and shines with its own internal light. When the fumes are in haled, the user is immune to fear for 1d4 hours. They also have disadvantage on insight checks to detect false compliments and can be swayed quite easily by kind words and compliments. Many aspiring performers grow addicted to this drug in the early stages of their career.

 9. Angel’s Tears – contact (DC 15) – The white (NOT THE RED) petals of the Divine Lily are steeped in holy water and mixed with tears of joy to create a dose of Angel’s Tears. When applied, the user can instantly end one affect of their choosing they are currently suffering from (curse, disease, spell effect, etc.). Once cured, the user suffers a level of exhaustion. Evil-aligned creatures using this take 2d6 radiant damage in addition to the stated effect.

10. Oil of Ages – contact or injury (DC 17) – First created by the human lich Halaunet, Oil of Ages was first saw use in the destruction of the elven city of Highspire. When touched, the Oil of Ages speeds up the aging process of its target 100-fold. In this way, Halaunet did not need to assault Highspire, he just needed to introduce it to the water and wait for the elves to bathe or drink. Then, in a matter of a decade at most, every elf in the city died and no one knew exactly why. The city was cursed and now acts as the undead-filled home of Haulaunet.

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