Author – James Chip (@james_chip_rpg) Where to Buy – I have always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. Alone, surrounded by the sea, wrapped in a thick wool sweater. Perfection. But nooooOOooo! Someone had to go and automate all the lighthouses in the US. Jerks. What am I going to do with all these […]

Light – Actual Play Journal

November 17th, 1896 My name is Adam Tabor and I am the junior lighthouse keeper here at Point Plenty. Forgive my notes – I know they are likely not what should be written here but Mr. Gauvreau never showed me how to fill out this logbook. I do not know what has occurred while I […]

Bust Blockers – Actual Play Blog

Day 1: Hi! I’m Andy Brown, and I’m the manager of your prime time, one-of-a-kind, cinematic hotspot, Bust Blockers! Well, Assistant Manager. But the actual manager quit, so I guess that makes me effectively the manager! (…Right?) This is Day One of my blog, and I’m here to tell you all about the non-stop excitement […]