The Inn Between: Masks Chat!

We can’t get enough of Eric and Matt and so we lured them back on the show for a chat about super heroes, art vs artist, and…human centipedes… Yeah. Anyway, it was fantastic meeting up with these guys at PAX East this weekend and we can’t wait to continue our Masks adventure!   If you […]

Masks: Juvenile Justice Part Two

And now for the exciting conclusion to our Masks AP! Sliiight spoilers but we’re all very keen on continuing this adventure so stay tuned for more Juvenile Justice episodes in the upcoming months! Also, next week’s episode will be an Inn Between of Nate, Rich, Matt, and Eric talking about the adventure we just had […]

Masks: Juvenile Justice Part One

Boy Vengeance! Vapor! Seb! A Chrystler Pacifica! An abandoned Spencer’s Gifts! A dead swanman! This episode has it all! Join Nate, Rich, and returning guest Eric Crumrine (@ECrumrine) for the first episode of their two-part actual play of Masks: A New Generation! Oh, and coming along for the ride is brand new extra special guest […]

One Shot: Monster of the Week

Nate stepped aside this episode to let a true master of the craft show off his skills. $2 Creature Feature’s (@2DollarCreature) own Keeper of Mysteries, Mr. Ray (@Mr_Ray_rpg), treated our cast to a tale of horror, adventure, and corn soup.  You can grab copies of this adventure and many more amazing creations on Mr. Ray’s […]

One Shot: Lucha Libram!

I made a game! This game! Listen to us play my game! I think this episode captured the ridiculousness of Lucha Libram! perfectly well and I hope it is as fun listening to it as it was recording it. If you want to snag a copy of this game for yourself, you can do so […]

Facing the Titan: Part Two

Welcome back, Blunderinos! Blunderdogs? Blunderkind? One of those, I’m sure. Moving on!! This week we’re wrapping up our actual play of Nicolas “Gulix” Ronvel’s “Facing the Titan”. Grab a copy of this game on Nicolas’ page ( and, if you’d like to hear more about the game from the man himself, listen to our […]

Facing the Titan: Part One

Hello folks! Thanks for coming back for another week of hot pod action. Does anyone read these things? Who knows! Anyway… This week we’re playing Nicolas “Gulix” Ronvel’s fantastic GMless game Facing the Titan. Grab a copy of this game on Nicolas’ page ( and, if you’d like to hear more about the game […]

One Shot: Purplest Prose – Maiden Voyage

Aww yeah it’s that time of year again and your favorite boys are back with another romantic tale to give you that lovin’ feeling. This year we played Pammu’s (@TheDovetailor) “Purplest Prose”, which the author describes as “a game about coming together to write the trashiest romance stories you can think of!” I think we […]