The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius

Author – B. Everett Dutton Where to Buy – I am reviewing a vampire-based adventure today so, per the rules and regulations governing the Hack Writers of America (of which I am a proud, card-carrying member), I am legally required to make the following “jokes”. The Martial Cult of Blood Knight Gaius (Martial Cult) […]

The Phylactery #1

Publisher: Planet X Games (@PlanetXGamesCo) Where to Buy: If Mörk Borg takes its inspiration from black metal, Planet X game’s OSR zine The Phylactery #1 (TP1) is 100% thrash metal to its core. As I type this I realize that comparison is probably only useful to a handful of you but…it’s too perfect. Sorry. […]

Knave: The Dungeon of Dereleth the Real Asshole (Part Two)

Come listen to Richard, Ryan, and special guest CJ as they play through the conclusion of Nate’s totally unfair murder dungeon using Ben Milton’s “Knave”. Will Richard’s luck turn around? Will Alligator Dick finally get what’s coming to him? Will the heroes find a way to save the puppies and kitties in time? There’s only […]

Knave: The Dungeon of Dereleth the Real Asshole (Part One)

Richard, Ryan, and special guest CJ play through Nate’s totally rigged murder dungeon using Ben Milton’s “Knave”. I hope you’re a fan of puns, stupid traps, and a lot of player deaths, because that’s what you’re getting.  For links to other podcatchers, head here: But what is Knave, you ask? Don’t worry, we reviewed […]

Mother Muck: Siege Turtle

Mother Muck was a castle-sized snapping turtle that dwelt in the swamps south of the stilt town of Badwater. When old age finally did what no soldier or ship could, the locals celebrated her passing with a feast for the ages. No longer would they fear her wandering through and carelessly razing the town, or […]

Kickstarter Spotlight – Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland

Author – Brian Shutter Cover Artist – Mustafa Bekir/Diogo Nogueira Publisher – Super Savage Systems Link – One hand on the wheel of a hacked-together Cutlass Ciera, the other putting pressure on a sucking chest wound, you hammer the gas and fly down the rubble-littered freeway. Your passenger, a failed clone of Ronald Reagan, […]