Lost in the Deep – Actual Play Fiction

Day 187 – It has been over six months since we arrived at Mothruum Nogaak, the Mother Mountain. Now I, Rastrelig Bluntpike, son of Hemdath and Hetraegar, am the last survivor of our band. For weeks it was just Nerimora Ironcoat and I, having been the only two separated from the company when that damned […]

Village Witch – Actual Play Journal

24th of Longnight, In the 645th Year of the Fifth Cycle (Y5C)  I am scared and cold and seriously questioning my life choices up to this point. Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself before I get to that, right? My name is Linden Greenbough. I am a witch. Alright, let’s get this out of […]


Author – James Chip (@james_chip_rpg) Where to Buy – https://jameschip.itch.io/light I have always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. Alone, surrounded by the sea, wrapped in a thick wool sweater. Perfection. But nooooOOooo! Someone had to go and automate all the lighthouses in the US. Jerks. What am I going to do with all these […]