Hearthside Chat with Ian Yusem, Author of The Drain

If you’re listening to our podcast, chances are you’re a fan of both Mothership and Dissident Whispers. Well, so is this week’s guest! See? You guys have so much in common already. Ian Yusem contributed to Dissident Whispers and has made wonderfully horrific Mothership adventures as well. You can find links to all of Ian’s stuff via Exalted Funeral and itch.io. Don’t you want […]

Hearthside Chat with Adam Blumenau of Radmad RPGs

Game designer Adam Blumenau (@AdamBlumenau) stopped by to chat about his fantastic tarot-based RPG, Hesitation at the Gate. He’s an incredibly creative and thoughtful designer and I think that really comes through in this interview! I can’t wait to see what Adam comes up with next. Of course, you can find us on your favorite […]