Hearthside Chat with CTRL Group Podcast

I am SOOO hesitant to publish this episode because the CTRL Group folks are guaranteed to charm you and steal you away from us and, frankly, our egos can’t take that sort of hit. Hopefully there’ll be enough room in your heart for both our podcasts! Also, sorry if there’s any audio wonkiness. Zoom did […]

Hearthside Chat with Ian Yusem, Author of The Drain

If you’re listening to our podcast, chances are you’re a fan of both Mothership and Dissident Whispers. Well, so is this week’s guest! See? You guys have so much in common already. Ian Yusem contributed to Dissident Whispers and has made wonderfully horrific Mothership adventures as well. You can find links to all of Ian’s stuff via Exalted Funeral and itch.io. Don’t you want […]