The Tabula Initiative

Author – Alexi Sargeant (@AlexiSargeant) of Cloven Pine Games (@ClovenPineGames) Where to Buy – Anyone who’s played RPGs for awhile knows the pain of scheduling a session only to have it all fall apart come game night. Maybe someone gets sick. Another person gets called into work. A third person gets waylaid by bandits. […]

One Shot: Fight Bears, Cough Blood, Kill God

Richard and Nate decided to ignore the millions upon millions of fans begging to come on the show and rocked this episode on their own. Their egos cannot be contained.  And, of course, they couldn’t stand to tell a normal heartwarming story, no. They had to go and spin the tale of Devin, a recently […]

One Shot: i kissed mothman behind the arby’s

Oh yeah, you know that’s right baby. It’s the sexiest time of year and…wait what? Flag Day? Okay fine. It’s the second sexiest time of year, Valentine’s Day, and Richard and Nate are celebrating by playing the most sensuous game around, “i kissed mothman behind the arby’s”.  So grab your sweetie, pop open a bottle […]