The Pierced Savant

CW: Self-Harm For most of the dwarves of the Underwarren, piercings are little more than a fashion statement or, at most, a means of displaying their wealth. There are a few dwarven shamans that take the practice of piercing far beyond what decent dwarves would ever dream of. These religious zealots pierce as much of […]

Melankul – Notable NPCs (1 of 2)

Melankul is an empty husk without her citizens breathing life into her every day. From the dark alleys of the Dry Pit to the soaring buttresses of the Old City, her people flit about their lives, some hoping to increase their power while others want nothing more than to survive for another day. Below are […]

Melankul – Points of Interest (1 of 2)

A tripartite city such as Melankul has points of interest for folks of every walk of life. Here are a variety of things your players may find interesting as they tour the city. 1.       The Frozen Lotus of Laleiven – The lifeblood of the city and the source of all its economic power, the Frozen Lotus […]

Melankul – Truths and Rumors

You Should Know… Have interested players roll an intelligence check to see if they know one or more bits of trivia about Melankul from the list below. If a player comes from Melankul, they know all this information automatically. DC 10 – Traditionally, Melankul is a thriving city that welcomes all those willing to work. […]

Melankul – Citizenry

The following information should be considered general guidelines and not hard-and-fast rules. Racial essentialism is gross. As with any people, it is impossible to paint an entire group the same, regardless of how broad a brush you use. Though this information reflects general tendencies of a group, it would be difficult to find any one […]

Melankul – A History

For millennia, Melankul enjoyed a small population of barely 1,000 souls, including the few outside elves seeking respite from the desert heat. The desert elves were wholly unprepared for the failure of the wards that bound the Frozen Lotus of Laleiven, due in part to their magical regression as a species over the past thousand […]

Melankul – Census Info and Description

Not fifty years ago, Melankul was the carefully guarded jewel of the desert elves. Non-elf travelers were forbidden from approaching the city’s alabaster walls that contained within one of the wonders of the magical world – the Frozen Lotus of Laleiven. This 200’-wide lotus bud was encased in a clear block of pure ice that, […]

Gwarb…or Glarb?

I was working on a new monster stat block a few days ago and my five-year-old son asked if he could help. He’s really into reading my monster manuals/bestiaries to the point where he’ll forgo bedtime stories in exchange for a few monster stat blocks and a bit of lore, so I knew his expertise […]

The Dire Turkey

Does this look like the face of mercy to you? Those soulless black eyes. The dagger-sharp beak. The terrible snood! It’s almost more than the staunchest adventurer can stand. The ostrich-sized dire turkey is a fearsome beast that stalks rural farmsteads and quiet pastures throughout the land. Though their smaller cousins are unutterably stupid, these […]