Summer’s Almost Over!

Hey folks! As most of you know, we took August off from the podcast and blog, only releasing re-edited episodes from our storied past. As the wonderfully restful month draws to a close, we’re excited to get back behind the mic and keyboard again!

Our first new episode will come out Monday, September 5th and will feature a guest DM appearance by Conan the Lybarian (@conan_lybarian on Twitter). Conan recently broke a tooth and, befuddled on dental pain meds, agreed to run us through a Spelljammer one-shot.

I know, I know. 5th Edition is the farthest thing from an indie game. I understand. But on the other hand…Spelljammer! C’mon! Hippos and space elves and mind flayers! Portals! Don’t you like portals?

Plus Conan is an indie creator so this still counts as helping the indie TTRPG scene. Remember back when he ran us through his game Corner Office?

Okay enough justifying our newest dalliance into 5E. Back on topic.

Thanks for sticking with us over the past month. You’re great. And very special to me. And I love you.


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