Hearthside Chat with Wythe Marschall, Designer of Stillfleet

Hello folks! I am very happy to bring you this chat with Wythe Marschall, author of the SPECTACULAR game “Stillfleet”. Though you get the quickstart rules right now, a Kickstarter for the core rules is scheduled to launch August 1st. If that date changes, I’ll let you know ASAP because I want Stillfleet to get all the attention and love it so richly deserves. Here’s where I would normally list a ton of links for you to look at but…honestly…there’s only one you need: https://stillfleet.com/. Poke around and you’ll find everything from character/adventure generators to available TTRPG products to their Patreon page. And yes, you should definitely check out their wonderfully supportive and helpful Discord

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