Hearthside Chat with Jessica Marcrum, TTRPG’s Cat Lady & Game Designer Extraordinaire!

You guys. It’s Jessica Marcrum (@Miss_Jess03). Jessica has worked on many fantastic projects and I cannot overstate my excitement that she agreed to spend some time with us. My only regret with this interview is not asking her about more of her incredible games! I mean, how dare I interview her and not even mention Oops All Draculas? 

We’ll just have to have Jessica back on again soon!

Please check out Jessica’s website (https://www.jessicamarcrumwrites.com/) for information on some of the projects she’s worked on and don’t forget to go to her itch.io page (https://angrynerdgirl.itch.io/), too!

Lastly, Jessica’s Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/MissJess) is a wonderful way to get more access to one of the most creative minds in the hobby so don’t hesitate to show her some love!

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