My Girlfriend Has Turned Into A Car (And We’re Escaping This City)

The only thing that compares to Richards hate of anime is his love for me, which is why he agreed to play Starshine Scribbles’ My Girlfriend Has Turned Into A Car (And We’re Escaping This City). This game is based on a 15ish minute section of the late 90’s anime The Adolescence of Utena and I really, really suggest you check it out. It’s fairly easy to find on the internet – retrocrush has it, though I don’t know about the legality of it all so find it there at your own risk – but if you do watch it, you can skip to around the 1 hour mark and watch the next 15 minutes or so. It’s…a whole thing and my life has been forever changed by watching it. Changed for the better? Only time will tell.

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Also, a special thanks to Rolemusic for our intro and outro tune taken from the track Pokimonkey! If you enjoy the tune, check out more of Rolemusic’s work here or learn about the artist here

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