Lumberlands/Into the Odd – The Mystery of the Murderous Maplemancer (Part One)

Grab your axes and watch your asses, it’s Lumberlands time! After sitting down with Erik Jensen for last week’s episode, the boys and I just had to strap on our finest puce and chartreuse gingham and take our gunkeys to the nearest lumber camp. I promise if you listen to last week’s episode, that sentence mostly makes sense. Anyway! We settled on using Into the Odd for this game because both it and Lumberlands are published by Lost Pages. Also, like Lumberlands, it rocks. It’s such a simple system that feels like an OSR game with some wonderfully innovative twists. Definitely worth checking out! Oh, and despite the simple rules…I got one wrong. I mean, I uh…introduced a house rule! RAW, players don’t need to roll to attack. Instead, they just do their damage to the opponent minus the opponent’s armor. I had the players roll because I like the randomness and not at all because I spaced it.

Regardless, I love how this episode came out and I can’t wait to bring you the conclusion next week. Enjoy!!

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