Mothership: The Haunting of Ypsilon 14 (Part 1)

Captains Log, Stardate 98989.62: Anyone else tired of the optimistic and hopeful SciFi futures presented in so much of our media? Well don’t worry, we’ve got the cure for that! This week Jenna, Ryan, Rich, and Nate are proud to present the first half of our Mothership actual play. Also, Nate totally biffed one of the rules. You don’t roll for stress after each failed roll, only after each failed save. Unless Nate was just playing on hardcore mode and didn’t tell anyone. I guess we’ll never know…

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If you want a copy of Mothership and/or this specific adventure, head on over to Tuesday Knight Games! We don’t get a referral kickback or anything, we just think they’re neat!

And again, a huge thanks to Zach Walsh of Scheduled for Launch for his fantastic guest voice acting work. If you want to hear more of Zach’s voice (and who wouldn’t) be sure to check out the link above to listen to his indie game interview podcast!

Our ad this week is for our spinoff/bonus podcast, “Jumping the Street Sharks”, the first episode of which is out right now! Our first episode will be free to everyone but, after that, we’re going to use future episodes to entice people into supporting us via Patreon. Head to to learn what your $1/$5/$10 pledge will get you.

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