The Inn Between – Creating a Session with the 5-Room Dungeon Method

Richard and Nate reach deep into their knowledge of 1980’s horror movies to create a one shot using Johnn Four’s excellent 5-Room Dungeon method. Nate wanted to make a nice, simple D&D dungeon but nooOOOooo, Richard had to go and prove the method works outside its intended genre like some kind of jerk.

Check out the 5-Room Dungeon method for yourself – it’s an incredible tool for the busy DM:

Also, our free ad spot this week is for the latest game from the amazing indie game designer (and future podcast guest!) Starshine Scribbles. Grab your copy of “This Game Takes Place Entirely in a Mega Mart Parking Lot” here –

And, as always, find links to all your favorite podcatchers on our page.

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