Hearthside Chat with Game Designer Jordan Palmer

Nate sat down with Jordan Palmer to talk about his latest hilarious game on Kickstarter, Our God is Dead. Jordan is no stranger to successful Kickstarter campaigns and his most recent effort is already fully funded. We also discuss his overall game design ethos, if “fun” is always the goal of a good RPG, as well as the absurdity of hit points. We covered a lot of ground in half an hour!

Listen to the interview on your favorite podcatcher here: https://anchor.fm/pod-of-blunders

This game is currently on Kickstarter until March 9th, 2021 so don’t hesitate to show your support!

To see Jordan’s previous (and really, really fantastic) games, head to his itch.io page – https://tabletop.itch.io/

You can also pester him on social media like I did via Twitter (@TabletopCrow) and TikTok (https://www.tiktok.com/@indietabletop?lang=en)

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