Mother Muck: Siege Turtle

Mother Muck was a castle-sized snapping turtle that dwelt in the swamps south of the stilt town of Badwater. When old age finally did what no soldier or ship could, the locals celebrated her passing with a feast for the ages. No longer would they fear her wandering through and carelessly razing the town, or […]

One Shot: i kissed mothman behind the arby’s

Oh yeah, you know that’s right baby. It’s the sexiest time of year and…wait what? Flag Day? Okay fine. It’s the second sexiest time of year, Valentine’s Day, and Richard and Nate are celebrating by playing the most sensuous game around, “i kissed mothman behind the arby’s”.  So grab your sweetie, pop open a bottle […]


The ascomoid is, on the surface, a stupid monster. It’s essentially a leathery plant boulder that farts and smooshes things. As fun as that sentence was to write, it doesn’t describe the sort of monster most DMs like to put into their games. Okay, maybe I’m not doing the ascomoid justice with my brief description. […]


Join Keeper Nate and Investigators Richard and Jenna for the nightmarish conclusion of Graham Walmsley’s Trail of Cthulhu Adventure “The Dance in the Blood”. It’s got madness, monsters, and macabre mythos mysteries. Also, this scenario is brought to you by the letter M. If you want to purchase this adventure for yourself, head on over […]