Melankul – Truths and Rumors

You Should Know…

Have interested players roll an intelligence check to see if they know one or more bits of trivia about Melankul from the list below. If a player comes from Melankul, they know all this information automatically.

DC 10 – Traditionally, Melankul is a thriving city that welcomes all those willing to work. This has is beginning to change, however, as the population strains the resources of the city

DC 15 – The dwarves run a tight ship, so to speak. Laws are fairly enforced but punishment is harsh (though rarely deadly). Cross the lines too many times and you could end up in the mines for the rest of your days.

DC 20 – The humans are pushing for more seats at the council given they now represent a larger portion of the populace, but the elves and dwarves stand united against this, at least as long as Mirwo is alive.

Hey Did You Hear…

Characters learn all sorts of things if they listen carefully to the people of Melankul. If the players take the time to chat up one of the citizens, have them roll a Charisma check to learn one of the following rumors. We empower you, the DM, to decide for yourself which of these rumors are true and which are false.

  • The ice creaks and groans at night as if worked on by some tremendous force pushing from the inside.
  • Mirwo, leader of the dwarves, was poisoned by a human. The next dwarf on the council will allow the humans more representation.
  • Though they won’t mention it to outsiders, the elves know the lotus has been changing. Some say it’s blooming, others say rotting.
  • The dwarven undercity still connects to their old city under Chokesun Mountains and a lot of the harvested water is funneled there in secret.
  • The Grevylian Empire hates that such a profitable, independent city exists so close to their borders and will move to incorporate it, whether by diplomacy or force
  • The wards were sabotaged by dwarven sappers which is why they were ready to move into the city so quickly
  • A cult of elves has infiltrated the Icewardens and intends to destroy the machines stopping the spread of ice.
  • A cadre of human mages intends to destroy the ice and let the Lotus free of its confines. This, they believe, will allow the bud to blossom and loose the fiend trapped inside.
  • The former city of dwarves under the Chokesun Mountains is now home to an inbred throng of mongrelfolk warped by the magic of the Lotus
  • Cathis has taken a human lover who will likely be the next person named to the council once Sister Ginthe steps down. They will declare themselves king and queen of Melankul, and the dwarves can either accept their rule or move back to the Chokesun Mountains.

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