The Big List of Inexpensive Indies

All of the games listed below are $5 or less, aside from the “Special Mentions” which are collections of indie games. I’ll add more as more games are recommended to me so please check back every weekend for updates!

TitleTwitterWhere to Buy
Have I Been Good?@jeeyonshim
The Tabula Initiative@ClovenPineGames
Subway Runners@GemRoomGames
The Outer Whorls@ehronlime
What the Water Gave Me@BeckyAnnison
TitleTwitterWhere to Buy
Blood of Pangea???
Soulum Scriptum@AdamBlumenau
In the World of the Witch Queen@akajdrakeh
Nazi-Killing Bear Simulator@akajdrakeh
Mudsummer Knight’s Cream@AkitheWriter
The Orc and the Pie (and other games)@andretavaresRPG
Dirty Town@andretavaresRPG
Dungeon Heart@andretavaresRPG
Crimes Against Men and Gods@apburkett
The Magister’s Tomb@calliemacsaylor
KOSMO Joust@DiceDeedsArt
Lost in the Deep@diogo_oldskull
Suited: Free Sample Edition!@EscapeBoxGames
The Way of the Pukona – A World of Adventure for Fate Core@feliperealh
Fuck! It’s Dracula@ForkFrenzy
Beyond the Borderlands@gnarledmonster
The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth@greyauthor
Hands of Fate@HalflingCaravan
Assault Heaven, Overthrow God@HalflingCaravan
Book Reprocessing Machine #5@hellotenbear
In*Die Zine@in_die_zine–September-2020
Hi, Fantasy!@ionathas78
Sonja & Conan vs The Ninjas@JenteyG
What’s So Cool About Kobolds?@LariAssmuth
Cage of Sand@LuciellaES
In the land of Giants@maguaxRPG
Mínimo RPG@maguaxRPG
Lost in the Rain@Mangelune
The Mice-Men of Mirewald@matt_bohnhoff
Saudade @MayFPBarros
In the Land of Dragons and Heroes@MayFPBarros
Rise Up, Save the World@MayFPBarros
Somewhere along the road@melvillelanuit
Three sunny days@melvillelanuit
Legends of the Undeground Table@melvillelanuit
Demon Castle Dracula@nerdypapergames
Pacts & Blades@pixel_carpenter
Into the Rad@PPMGamer
Ritual of the Blood Crown@QueenOrionJ
Justice for Bambi(no)@QuidamAngela
Like No One Ever Was@RabidRonnie
Broken Figures@Saldamandar
Lewd Grannies@Saldamandar
Yule Army@secretsofvtm
Bust Blockers@Starshinescrib
Why Is It So Hard To Find A Place To Fuck@Starshinescrib
Help! I Want To Play A Game But I Can’t Find My D1!@Starshinescrib
You Have One Ability…The Ability To Fuck This Up!@Starshinescrib
Dwarves of Renidar@StuartWrites
Party First@the_gamenomicon
Carry On@TheChaosmeister
24XX THE DEEP@TheChaosmeister
Reimagined: Fanfic Role-Playing Game@thilnen
The Deep Dark@WolfWyzard
What’s so Cool about Spice/Attack and Dethrone Paul@WuDeRpg
Sunken Island@WuDeRpg
Fog Spirit of Federsee@WuDeRpg
SPECIAL MENTION – Ind of the Year 2020#indoftheyear
SPECIAL MENTION – Game Listing???
SPECIAL MENTION – Charcuterie I & II@Rathayibacter

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