1d10 Holidays & Celebrations

A sampling of different holidays and celebrations to serve as a jumping off point for adventure or to sprinkle into your game for a little added flavor.  1. Wyvern Nights – A misnomer of sorts, Wyvern Nights take place over three consecutive days and nights. Over that time, hawk-sized crimson wyverns migrate along the coast in […]

Pillow of Smothering

Similar to its larger cousin, the Rug of Smothering, the Pillow of Smothering is a construct animated with the intent to restrain and/or kill their victims silently. Pillows of Smothering are created from a pillow upon which a humanoid has suffered and died, whether by force or by natural means. This pillow is then subjected […]

Harvest Horror

A desperate farmer bargained with a powerful dryad to ensure he had the biggest pumpkin for the harvest festival. When misfortune struck and he couldn’t uphold his end of the bargain, the dryad had her own plans to claim what she was owed. Can the players discover what’s happened and stop the pumpkin horror from […]